Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mecca Flakes

 So we have several companies that make corn flakes.  Hundreds of workers are responsible for this breakfast classic that has been a part of the American breakfast for many decades.

What if I propose a rule saying that any company that employs a Muslim man or woman must put a symbol on their boxes when they worked on the line that produced that box of cereal?

Presumably, we've already done the same background checks as we have for every other employee.  The employee has received many hours of food safety, GMP, bio security, and other basic company/HR training.  The employee has also received the same on the job training that any other line worker gets and is monitored closely for a period of time after he/she is trained.

"But still.... how do we know that he/she won't.... you know???  I'm concerned for my family... I should have a choice between corn flakes made by friendly white people and ... you know...  Look, I know they're not ALL bad, but... you know... I've heard things.  A few of them have been known to be bad in the past... and well... I don't want to take any chances."

Would this bother you?  Would you be outraged?  Would you think it was a load of crap that the person proposing such a rule would hide behind 'choice' when we all know they're motivation is either fear or misinformation?

Suppose this rule went into effect and several groups boycotted the companies that manufactured these 'Mecca Flakes' as they will call them.  Pretty soon, those companies will get rid of any Muslim employees and a general panic may be stirred up about the role of Muslims in our society, despite all assurances of safety and all calls for sanity and for reason.

Now, replace the word Muslim with GMO.

"Oh Sam, that's different!"

Bullshit.  The traits of one worker on one line in one factory that hammers out thousands of boxes of cornflakes a day is NO different than one gene in a plant that produces corn in a field that produces many thousand of bushels.

Do you think it's wrong to require a company to disclose it's Muslim employees?  Good.

"But what about choice?"

'What's the difference?', I say.  In both cases their safety has been verified and their performance thoroughly analyzed.  In both cases, a non Subject Matter Expert stirs up fear and misinformation, recruiting others that are ignorant about the issues to call for labeling so they have a 'choice'.

Labeling of GMO comes from two agendas: 1. I don't know enough about science to know this is safe, I'm afraid and fear drives my choices or 2. I want more people to be afraid and stirred up about this and with GMO labeling, we will have something specific to boycott so we can drive the technology out of the market altogether.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh was trying to get people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Presidential Primaries?  He wasn't doing so for any genuine reasons(sorry Ditto Heads), he knew that the GOP had a strong campaign ready to go against her,  The Anti-GMO activists know that they can drive mass hysteria IF there is something to point at and be hysterical about. 

I don't support labeling because:
1. Safety has already been verified.
2. It IS the same commodity -  Corn is corn & soy is soy
3. USDA Organic already has guarantees for being GMO free
4. I want to take a stand against runaway activism that preys on the ignorance and fear of others to get what they want.


  1. I don't know much about GMO foods but the amount of "stuff" the farmers put into the foods to keep it some what fresh to get it to the supermarket until it gets to my home, I'm ok with that. I guess I should look up GMO foods for a more detailed understanding but I'm sure if people paid attention to other consumable products that are produced such as soft drinks, candy, and processed foods I would be more afraid what they put in those foods than GMOs.

  2. "Now, replace the word Muslim with GMO.

    "Oh Sam, that's different!"


    No, actually, it is bullshit. Or, more specifically, it is apples and oranges and a false argument.

    Lets say we replace it with 'peanuts'. Is it still bullshit? Peanuts are a fatal allergenic for many people and labeling products containing peanuts has been de facto standard for... how long now? So much so that even a jar of peanuts is labeled as CONTAINS PEANUTS.

    Your argument is absurd. Or, specifically, *that* argument is absurd.

    And that's before we go into the whole fact that we do, in fact, label country of origin.

    I also find it ironic that you ask me to 'Try to cite sources when stating facts' but you just said '1. Safety has already been verified' without any said citation.

  3. There are too many studies and it's too easy to find them to play that game. It's safe and inserting a gene does not make the commodity an allergen if it wasn't already one to begin with, so the peanut analogy doesn't apply. This is an issue where people without scientific literacy are CONVINCED it has to be unsafe and nothing I say will convince them otherwise. COO labeling is different in that people may choose to patronize where their food comes from, not whether or not their food is what they think it is.


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