Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mountain Dew Bottlers Trying Out New Caps?

Here, you see a normal screw top cap for a plastic, 20 oz Mtn Dew bottle.  Notice the soft plastic lining as well as the many short plastic threads on the inside.  This bottle was dated for July 10th, 2010.

Compare that cap with this one.  This cap has less threading on the inside and those individual ridges are longer.  Pay particular attention to the lack of a lining.  The lining acts as a gasket, making sure the product is sealed and maintains pressure.  This cap features a ridge that you can see running just inside of the cap.  The ridge is angled to be thicker at the bottom(top of the cap).  This is fairly ingenious because as the cap is screwed on, the mouth of the bottle squeezes between the ridge and the cap, creating a tight seal.  No need for a liner.  I can tell that this cap definitely feels different when unscrewing.  This bottle had the same sell by date as the other one.  So the question is this; is this the new bottle cap design and are we going to see this in the rest of the PepsiCo line-up?

Here are both caps, side by side for comparison.


  1. Interesting. Wonder how much plastic this saves them?

  2. I looked at them from the side and the old caps had an extra 2 or maybe 3 millimeter smooth plastic ridge. They bottle tens of thousands of bottle per day, I'd say this saves them at least hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturing and transportation costs a year.


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